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#501 EBAY_SELLER_KZ [ 841 55 ] : 2017-10-10 16:35:11
#10745 segBull [ 0 0 ]
Thanks. My package was not insured. The receipt (just noticed now) indicated NG which means Nigeria. I went to the operator's office and they were not helpful at all! She said I should call DHL myself. Please do you have the correct web address to make complaints. My search brought up many sites. And BTW why are you so sure the package will be stolen in Niger. Any bad experience?
Also, this is not the first time I see Nigerian packages being missent to Niger.
#502 Trackerman [ 18 0 ] : 2017-10-19 19:16:03
Hello forum,

I am back again from some time.Someone can tell me if things have changed on Nepal Post or the items still cannot be tracked??I bought some items from nepal seller of Kathmandu.Destination country : Uruguay.
Here is the tracking number :RR740687670NP.
Seller give parcel to nepal post on 16/10.
How is the normal route from nepal to South America, from where other country as it passes it I can track the parcel??

Thank you.

#503 MonicaJ20 [ 1 0 ] : 2017-10-21 07:50:54
 HI everyone, new here but I am concerned about my package coming from Italy, tracking CP053249903IT and no updates simce Oct 6th, I'm located in the USA and am getting worried, just had sender open an investigation, do you guys think it's just delayed or truly lost? Thank you!

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